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Annual Report 2004/05

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Executive Leadership Team

Clockwise from top left:
Kirby Adams, Noel Cornish,
Brian Kruger,
Lance Hockridge,
Ian Cummin, Mike Courtnall,
Kathryn Fagg.

KIRBY ADAMS is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BlueScope Steel. Mr Adams was appointed to the Board on 10 May 2002, having been Chief Executive Officer of BHP Steel since March 2000.

NOEL CORNISH is President of Australian and New Zealand Industrial Markets, with responsibility for the Port Kembla Steelworks and New Zealand Steel businesses. For the previous three years he was President of our Coated Products business in Australia.

BRIAN KRUGER is President of Australian Manufacturing Markets. This unit comprises our Illawarra Coated Products business, including the Springhill facility, our Western Port operation and our Service Centre network. Mr Kruger succeeded Mr Cornish in this role in July 2005, having previously been Chief Financial Officer.

LANCE HOCKRIDGE is President of our North America business unit. This unit comprises North Star BlueScope Steel, Butler Buildings, Vistawall and Castrip LLC. Mr Hockridge has held this position since April 2005. He was previously President of Industrial Markets, a position he held since 2000.

KATHRYN FAGG is President of Australian Building and Logistics Solutions. This business unit comprises BlueScope Lysaght, BlueScope Water, Logistics and International Trade Services. Ms Fagg is also responsible for Information Systems and corporate brand management.

MIKE COURTNALL is President of Asian Building and Manufacturing Markets. He has been responsible for BlueScope Steel's Asian businesses since 2000.

IAN CUMMIN is responsible for People and Performance. This role includes Human Resources, Safety and Corporate Affairs.